Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Quest for Glory 3: It's A Kind Of Magic

There's a point in every Wizard's life, that they really want to get their hands on a nice bit of magic wood. I'm no exception, and previously I had been told by a sparkly orb that I needed to go find a special flower in the jungle. It's time to head further east, towards the darkness and the danger.

I wandered for a while in the jungle, a few fights against flying snakes and some sort of prehistoric hominid slowing me down a little. It didn't take me too long to find the flower, this azure orchid was growing up high in the trees, but any Wizard without a "fetch" to hand is a poor magician indeed. First part down, I needed to get out of here and back to the Pool of Peace.

Stopping me before I could leave though was a trapped creature, upon inspection, a monkey. The poor thing looked pretty scared so I sprung him out and he thanked me. I guess a talking monkey shouldn't be too surprising in this magical, mysterious and magnificent world, so I took it all in my stride.

Greeting the monkey, he told me his name was Manu and he thanked me for freeing him. It seems he lives in the jungle and prefers to hide out of sight, up a height, where the monsters can't see or eat him. Lured down by tasty fruit he was trapped, until I chanced upon him. I guess it's his lucky day! With a brief chat out of the way, we parted company and I made my way back west.

The flower needed dipping in the pool of peace under the light of a full moon, and it also allowed me to refill my waterskins. Hero business is thirsty work, after all. Wandering back to the tree took me a little while thanks to some pesky wildlife, but once I'd thinned out the local fauna I finally got my hands on a staff!

Well, not quite, as it would need a special ritual first. So, time to head all the way back to Tarna (my feet hurt, does anyone else's feet hurt?). A little detour via the Simbani village brought a new challenge, it turns out they'd captured a Leopardperson, and to cut a long story short, this new furry friend turned out to be a rather upset Leopardwoman. It's amazing what a dispel potion can do, isn't it? To try and dispel her displeasure, I figured I'd need to release her from captivity.

Easier said than done, as I'd need to buy her as a wife. Not an ideal situation, but it would at least only be a temporary one. As a fellow magic user, perhaps she'd lead me to her people if I didn't come across as a total creep. The bride price was high, and I'd need to head back to Tarna's market to get what I needed. Good thing I was heading that way anyway.

The rest of the journey was relatively incident free, save for a visit by an particularly talkative aardvark. Given the rest of what I've seen so far, such things are a normal part of life now, so I sat around the campfire and traded some stories. He gave me a few hints about what I might find further into the jungle, and we parted ways as I wanted to sleep, and he wanted to go catch some more giant ants.

After that, Tarna beckoned to me. It's grand architecture was a pleasant sight, and I made my way to Kreesha's house to get my staff ritual sorted. She had everything prepared, and in the ritual I had to bind all of my spells to the staff. All except the Trigger spell, which could trigger a release of magical energy that would be severely hazardous to the health of anyone in the vicinity.

Now I truly feel like a Wizard worthy of the name, and nothing can get in my way! Well, except for needing a lot more money to buy all these bridal gifts. A fine spear, fine robes and zebra skins are required, and I can't quite afford them all. Guess I should have stored up more cash from Shapeir.

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