Saturday, 7 April 2018

Quest For Glory 3: Wages of War - A Trip to Tarna

My previous posts on Quest For Glory were some time ago now (and I'm not great at keeping on writing on this blog), but it's time for the third part of this epic saga! To recap, our hero, the Hero who saved Spielburg and Shapeir, is now Prince of Shapeir. Our newly acquired title does not affect our ongoing quest to be the best hero we can be though, and after a wonderful introduction which recaps the second game we get our setup for QFG3.

There's trouble brewing in the land of Tarna, where there are talks of war between the Simbani and the mysterious Leopardmen. A peace envoy to seek out the Leopardmen was attacked, and what's more, the leader of the expedition was our friend Rakeesh's daughter. As he is from Tarna, a paladin, and a hero in his own right, he must go back home.

Joining him are Uhura, keen to return to her homeland with the Simbani to raise her son, and of course ourselves, always eager to insert ourselves into a mystery and be a hero. A new land, full of new challenges and experiences awaits. Perhaps somewhere along the way we will save the day, broker peace between warring peoples, discover evils and defeat them and make a bunch of cool new friends.

As before, my personal challenge is to get all my stats to 300 (the max. for this game). I return with a character who has 200 in all stats thanks to my previous work in the past game (having had 100 in all stats in that game because of the first game, you get the picture!). Certain events happen at certain times, but there's plenty of time to practice and make myself a super-hero!

The opening section involves a lot of talking, as we explore the city of Tarna and find out about the various people and places we might be visiting. In three days, Rakeesh and I will head out to visit Uhura at the Simbani village and then things will get a bit more open for me.

My first quests: Talk to absolutely everyone, stick my nose in to other people's business and generally be an adventure game protagonist. As part of this, I'll need to change all my money into the local currency (as is now normal for this series), as well as explore the city and surrounding area. I even have a little present from one of the wizards of Shapeir, although with Keapon Laffin it's more of a gag than a gift, as it explodes in my face.

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  1. I love that you are playing this game now, too. It's a great time to be looking at Quest for Glory together.