Thursday, 5 February 2015

Civilization V: A Few More Turns...

So I recently bought a lovely new laptop, one that can play most relatively modern games (nothing too fancy, but so long as I don't push the detail levels too high everything is fine!). The first thing to do when playing around on a new computer is to install a few games and check out how well everything runs on the new hardware, so I installed and played a few games that are part of my backlog.

Then I hit Civilization V.

I'd bought the game a long while ago, in some steam sale or other, and had been buying the DLC when it got really cheap. I knew my old laptop would struggle with it, but this new one should easily cope. Over 1000 turns later, I think the testing phase has long finished!

I still haven't formed a full opinion of this fifth version versus the previous games I've played in the series (Civ2 and Civ4). With all the DLC I have, it certainly presents an awful lot of interesting mechanics, but I have yet to fully grasp the benefits and drawbacks of the different possible playing styles.

Currently with Egypt, I'm just about the world-leading power, something I have accumulated by generally avoiding war and accumulating new technology and culture. A culture victory seems very far away though, so I might just try for the spaceship victory. I potentially could go to war, but I'm not overly sure how easy that would be.

Until then, I wonder whether picking "marathon" for my first game was truly the best choice...

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