Saturday, 12 July 2014

Indie Gaming: Gunpoint

Gunpoint is a stealth-hacking game where you play a freelance spy. Honestly, if that's not enough for you to want to buy it already I don't know what's wrong with you.

It begins, as many things do, with a murder. Your task is to solve that murder and make some money while you do it! Armed with a variety of interesting technological gizmos and a lot of snark, you do jobs for whoever asks and pays.

It's a noir-like detective story at it's heart, with the gameplay essentially puzzle-like, as you figure out the best way to achieve your goals, which is generally to hack a computer and steal some files. The puzzles generally involve a sequence of hackable circuits that are connected to doors, alarms, lights and so forth. To add a bit of danger to the mix, there are various types of armed security guards to get in your way.

The game allows you to find your own path: choosing to avoid the guards or take them down, racing through the levels in a blaze of glory or taking the more thoughtful route. I generally favoured the quiet, slow and non-violent approach, but sometimes to make an omelette you have to shoot some guys...

I really loved the game, and my only criticism is that it's rather short. I had a great time on this particular storyline, and any future cases for Richard Conway, Freelance Spy would be well received. Thankfully, there is an easy-to-use level editor, and Steam Workshop support so that you can continue playing other peoples creations or perhaps build something yourself.

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