Sunday, 23 February 2014

Modding and Me: Ultima Minecraft Texture Pack v3a

The new title screen
Ever since getting Minecraft, I tinkered with the textures. A few of the blocks just didn't look quite right, so I thought I'd change them, which is thankfully an easy task. After a little while, I began to think about doing an entirely different texture pack, rather than just changing a few blocks. From this, the Ultima Minecraft Texture Pack was born.

Doors inspired by Ultima VII

Over the years I kept up with the changes to Minecraft, occasionally altering items and blocks to resemble the Ultima series of games (in particular Ultima VI: The False Prophet and Ultima VII: The Black Gate).
New coloured glass and carved marble

As the months passed by, I reached a point where my interest in Minecraft was waning, and I was spending more time on the texture pack than the game itself. Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) made a big change to the way texture packs worked, and I decided I wouldn't bother trying to keep going.


All that changed more recently, when I tried my hand at Minecraft once again. Using the default texture pack didn't sit well with me, and the options I tried from a few sources also didn't look right. I decided the best option was to convert my texture pack to the new resource pack format, and polish a few of the rougher textures and items while I was doing that.

Map creation

So here it is, the new texture/resource pack, working for Minecraft version 1.7.4. I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it going forever, but for now it is ready for use and available in the "inspired works" section of Ultima Codex: (current version not yet uploaded at the time of writing).

The Nether

If anyone who reads this does play Minecraft, I'd humbly ask them to consider trying my texture pack and give me some feedback in the comments here.

Alternative download link (UMTPv3a): Mediafire Link

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