Sunday, 27 October 2013

Indie Gaming: Dear Esther

I first played Dear Esther as the original source mod, some time ago. Today, I replayed it as the full game. Some things have been changed, and generally it looks and sounds so much better. It remains a wonderful and thoughtful experience.

It's not really a game though, is it?

I'm not sure I care though.

The music, the narration, the atmosphere are all perfect. Jessica Curry's music in particular is a highlight for me, and I even bought the album from bandcamp. I bought it last year and have listened to it several times, it really is under appreciated.

The problem with a game like Dear Esther is, I can't adequately describe it.

Nor do I find it easy to fully explain why I like it.

It's slow, there's no interaction barring looking around and walking.

But it's enough for me.

Was it worth it?

It was for me.

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