Saturday, 9 March 2013

X-COM: The Avenger, Assembled

It took a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of resources, but I'm ready. My soldiers are suited up with the best armour, the best weapons and an interplanetary spacecraft. Our target is the Alien's Martian base, and we either destroy it or we perish in the attempt.

Get your ass to Mars!

With no requirement to salvage any technology from the base, I'm in an explosive mood. I've been hoarding some Blaster launchers and bombs, with this being the perfect opportunity to unleash them. Capable of smart targeting and massive damage, these have hindered my progress when the Aliens have used them. Now it's my turn to use their devastating force against them.

Here's the one I fit onto my Avenger

Crucially, I also have well-trained psychics in my squad. They should be able to withstand the pressure of any potential alien psionic attack, which might prove crucial. The months leading up to this have been frenetic with alien attacks, and it has been a struggle to keep on top of the growing threat.

I'm at a period in the game where the alien forces routinely attempt to set up new bases, as well as attempting to locate mine with their battleships. On a good day, one of my Firestorm interceptors can take down a battleship, but are massively damaged in the process. The Avenger fares better, but again has to soak up a lot of punishment. If you get a few battleships in a row, this can be difficult to withstand.

However, I needed to keep fending them off to boost my resources for the final assault, and thankfully that has been quite fruitful. Scavenging the battleships the enemy sends towards me certainly helped with Elerium.

With a heavy heart, I gathered my forces together.

Next time: The final battle for control of the solar system!

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