Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kickstarting: Quest for Infamy

There I was, posting about Mage's Initiation, and I realised I'd completely forgotten to mention a similar project, which I'd backed and had been funded a while ago. I guess I was sure that I'd written about it already. So with apologies here's that game:

Quest for Infamy is an adventure game with RPG elements by Infamous Quests, who many might know from their time as Infamous Adventures, where they were responsible for excellent remakes of King's Quest 3 and Space Quest 2. Quest for Infamy has been a long-held dream for these guys, who had played Quest for Glory and wondered how different things might be if the main character wasn't such a nice guy!

All pictures from Infamous Quests

Although I'm only posting this now, this was actually the first of the recent QFG-like games I was aware of. Back when they were just Infamous Adventures, Quest for Infamy always seemed to be on the back burner. I'd heard very little about it, but once the Kickstarter rush began, they were quick to push forward.

Quest for Infamy puts you in control of "Mister Roehm", who is escaping a shady past by travelling to the town of Volksville. You can start as a Brigand, Rogue or Sorcerer, with each having a different focus much like the Fighter, Thief and Magic User of the Quest for Glory series. The interface and art style have those familiar Sierra influences, with a full mouse interface.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it, you can download the demo right now! This is something that many Kickstarter projects are far away from, so it's definitely something in their favour to have a work-in-progress demo to get as many potential backers on board. You can also still pre-order, with many of the Kickstarter tiers still available using PayPal instead.

This is the second demo released, and I have only previously played the first, more limited demo. From what I've seen the game should please adventure game fans, especially those who have the added nostalgia of that mid-90s Sierra heyday.

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