Thursday, 14 February 2013

X-COM: Muton Mischief

Slow going at the moment, but I do have a few bits to talk about. I've been keeping busy with the UFO missions, up to number 60 in fact. While most of these had been fairly standard, the last couple introduced me to the best soldiers the aliens could throw at me: Mutons.

A Muton soldier, in a corn field

I'm sure you're supposed to feel abject terror when faced with genetically-modified super soldiers, but these luminous green brutes are no match for my power-armoured and heavy-plasma-toting troops. If they had appeared earlier in the game, I might have had more of a significant problem, but I think I can handle them right now.

Hard to kill, but not so bad now I've turned their weapons against them

Interestingly, in the new XCOM, you meet Mutons relatively quickly. They're also very difficult to face, especially if you are under-equipped. While I think they were right to introduce the variety of enemies earlier on in the reboot, the difficulty is more due to certain gameplay restrictions which I will discuss in more detail once we get there!

Purple men in green spandex. Not a good look.

I've yet to see any more alien bases, and rather annoyingly I've not been seeing any psychic aliens either. On one hand, this makes things rather easy, but on the other it means I'm no closer to being able to research psionics and really start to pay the aliens back. I've only got a couple of research topics and a little building before I can reach their Mars base, but I feel it's necessary to find out how many of my troops are psychically strong before I go.

Today's pictures are all things I've recently researched
 While I've not found any alien bases, I have founded another X-COM one. This time it's called "Tarna" and it's based in Austrailia. I figured I didn't have enough southern hemisphere coverage. At this stage I've got rather a lot of cash and other resources, so it's best to start spreading that around. This is the point where I begin to think I should have put the difficulty up a couple of notches, to give myself more of a challenge.

Which is why I'm ending this post with a Reaper, instead of something Muton-related

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