Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Last Crusade: Up In The Air and On The Road

Leaving the castle by motorcycle was the easy part - now I needed to get to Iskenderun. The first port of call was the nearest airport, to get as far away from Germany as possible. Arriving at the airport, I realised I needed to buy tickets, but was short on cash. There seemed like nothing I could do, but I did notice another person waiting. The guy wouldn't give me any information, except a list of his grandchildren. It was then (too late) I noticed some papers in his jacket pocket.

I admit it, I stole this gentleman's tickets

I restored my game to before I had spoken with him, and this time when he was telling Indy about his grandchildren, Henry stole his tickets. Easy as that! We made our way around to the airship, and gave our tickets to the person inside. We were home free! I took a moment to survey my surroundings, which included a door (locked), a hole (for some sort of device) and a door to the seating area. I took Henry around the seating area, and noticed a bowl full of coins by a piano. Adding a few coins to the bowl, the pianist let me pick a tune.

The Zeppelin, and I do wonder if I could have stolen the plane?

To my surprise, the radio operator exited from the locked door and went to listen to the piano. I took Indy inside, and helped myself to a wrench from a locker. I couldn't figure out a use for the radio though, so I just closed the locker and left the room as it was. Once the radio operator was back inside his room, I used the wrench with the hole in the wall. This produced a ladder leading upwards, but I wasn't sure what lay up there (other than presumably a lot of gas?). The screen cut back to the castle for a moment, and Colonel Vogel was back on my trail, having found out I was on the airship. It was slowly turning around and heading back to Germany!

Damn you Colonel Vogel!

I knew I didn't have much time, but I had to find a way off the airship. I took the ladder, and to much disappointment, saw a maze filled with wandering German soldiers. This was not what I needed, not at all! There seemed to be multiple levels of the maze, and the soldiers seemed to know exactly where I was going. I tried to figure my way through, fighting as I went along. Thankfully my health went back to full after each fight, so the fighting was rather easy. What I didn't expect was the time limit to be so short, and I soon found myself back at the German airport, and escorted by Vogel to a firing squad. It seems this part may take me quite a few attempts, perhaps even more than the castle previous!

I hate these sorts of mazes, especially in adventure games, and even more so on a time limit!

Restoring back to the maze, I decided I'd have to try a bit of trial and error, while making as quick a pace as possible. This took a lot of long attempts to guess the right paths, to figure out how to get to the biplane that is found on the right-hand-side of the first maze level. I'd highly recommend looking at a map, because I certainly didn't find it enjoyable. Even the fighting, which has a certain novelty value the first few times, gets old very quickly.

How do you fly one of these things again?

Anyway, with yet another maze out of the way, we had a fun jaunt in a biplane! Which was fun for all of five minutes, before we got attacked by a bunch of German fighter aircraft. With a valiant effort by my tail-gunner (or Dad, as I like to call him), we held our own for a while, but eventually succumbed and hit the dirt. Thankfully we were unscathed, which is more than I can say for the house that we landed on. Not content with damage to property, we thought we'd steal the guy's car too. Considering it was parked next to a Nazi car, I can only assume he deserved it.

A near-perfect landing

He who attempts to leave Germany, must pass these checkpoints three, ere the other side he see. For the first checkpoint guard, I tried to bluster my way through. This went about as well as you can imagine, and I ended up having to knock him out (Henry approved). The second checkpoint guard admired my expensive-looking car, so I thought a bribe might be the way forward. Unfortunately, his greed got the better of him, as did my boxing ability. On to the third checkpoint, and this time I tried to out-smart the guard. Finally, I thought I had come up with a winning solution! My ruse was well-crafted, I thought of all the details, I even suggested I was chasing Dr. Jones! Which was about the time he recognised who I was, and so had me resort to yet another bout of pugilism.

Dr. Henry Jones Sr. does enjoy watching his son beat a German soldier unconscious

Of course, punching more Nazis than Captain America was all part of the plan: To find the Grail. With Germany behind us, we made haste to Iskenderun, and the Valley of the Crescent Moon, skipping many of scenes from the film all in one extending red line on a map. The final part of this saga, next time!

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