Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Last Crusade: Junior and Senior

So while Marcus Brody goes to sunnier climes, Elsa and I make our way to meet my father. He's being kept in Brunwald Castle, on the Austrian-German border. The Nazi flag next to Berlin lets us know exactly what danger we are getting ourselves into, and upon reaching the castle it certainly looks quite foreboding.

A little too close to Nazi Germany for my liking

Elsa stays in the car, and I optimistically say I'll be a few minutes. On my first attempt through, I decided to let my fists do the talking. I took out the butler who greeted me, and then proceeded to punch my way through the castle. Four fights in, I failed. Knocked unconscious, it was all over, but thankfully I had saved... back in the catacombs. I had made the fatal error of assuming a Lucasarts game wouldn't allow me to lose!

Brunwald Castle

It took a while to retrace my steps and make it back to the castle. This time, I would do things more methodically, and save regularly. I punched out the butler anyway, because I couldn't figure out what the correct dialogue sequence should be (this will be a recurring theme). My next stop was to explore the ground floor. I convinced one guard I was a gestapo agent, another I was a leather jacket salesman, and the third was so drunk he wasn't asking any questions. I plied the third with more booze from the nearby kitchen, and got a little info about a tough guard on the third floor.

Getting past the butler

Also in the kitchen, I decided to take the meat roasting on the fire (after dousing it with beer). Never know when cooked meats will come in handy! After searching a few more rooms, I came across some uniforms, which were locked down. There was a handy servants uniform though, so I took that (hey, it wasn't nailed down, so it must be useful - right?). When I got to the second floor, I changed into the servants uniform to get past the next guard. I gave him my old painting, which he then took straight to the big boss, which lets you know where the painting vault combination is.

The room with the axe-wielding suit of armour and secret exit

Onwards, I spoke with another guard who let me know the Captain's name, which might come in handy later if I need to talk my way past someone. I also found a key in a uniform that wouldn't fit me, allowing me to go back to the uniform room on the first floor and acquire one in my size. With my new threads, I made it up to the third floor, and into the Colonel's office. His guard dog was placated with my cooked meat, and I was able to take the unsigned travel pass with the vault combination on the back, as well as a large trophy.

The Colonel's office

I doubled back to the vault room, and took a look inside. There was a large painting of the grail there! Surely useful information for later. I also took the time to go back to the kitchen, and fill the trophy with beer. Moving back to the third floor, I gave the trophy full of beer to the huge Nazi blocking my way, and he downed the lot! Taking my opportunity, I punched him square in the jaw and sent him to sleep for a while.
Junior meets Senior

My next stop was to pass the Captain, Sigfried, who I talked my way past. In a nearby room was a key, hopefully to my father's room! A short walk later, and a detour outside on a window ledge, and I was reunited with Henry Jones. Unfortunately, as we left the room, the alarm sounded and we were captured. Thankfully I had my old book to give the Colonel, otherwise he might have taken the grail diary from me. We were then left downstairs, tied together sitting on two chairs. Very slowly (and I mean slowly!) we inched our way towards a statue with an axe. One swift kick later, and the axe cut us free (although an inch either way wouldn't have been pretty!).

Damned evil Nazis
Once freed, I pushed on the left-hand fireplace pillar, and a secret door took us outside. Heading to the car wasn't an option, due to the various Nazi soldiers, but there was amazingly an unattended motorbike and side-car behind the castle. Time to make a dash for it, and find a way to get to Iskenderun!
Oh look, a motorbike. How helpful!

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