Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Kickstarting: Hero-U

Here's a kickstarter that just sneaked over the target, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. By the legendary creators of the Quest for Glory series, Hero-U borrows from their previous games whilst taking a slightly different direction. Rogue to Redemption will be a 2D RPG, with adventure-game puzzles and offering a story that will change as you play.

The Hero of Hero-U: Shawn O'Conner (all pictures from

As soon as I saw this project, I had to back it. As I've mentioned in my earlier posts, the Quest for Glory games were a defining moment in my game-playing history. I loved the blend of RPG and adventure game, the way they crafted the setting using various folk-tales and myths, and of course their sense of humour. If they can capture half of that magic for Hero-U, then I'm sure they'll have another classic on their hands.

Some provisional in-game graphics (all pictures from

Rogue to Redemption is no carbon copy however, and although there are many things in common between QFG and Hero-U (like Meeps!), it will have many noticeable differences. For a start, your main character is set as a thief called Shawn, rather than the blank slate of the older series. Your character is controlled using a point-and-click interface familiar to adventure game players, with tactical turn-based combat which will be familiar to the RPG players amongst us.

Some concept art (all pictures from

The combat should be particularly interesting, as the Quest for Glory series had an ever-changing real-time combat system. I'm hoping that Hero-U will make full use of the turn-based approach, and there has already been mention of backstabbing, throwing knives and sneaking around. It may be too much to ask, but I'd be quite pleased if there were alternate ways to complete quests and other objectives without resorting to fighting, as you are supposed to be a thief!

Eldrich Horrors? (all pictures from

Regarding the restrictions on the character, the Coles have suggested that (success permitting) they have planned up to five more sequels, with each providing a different character and different challenges to face. Personally, I've always favoured the magic-using Wizard class in QFG, so I hope they get to make at least one sequel!

Underground Lair (all pictures from

The only part that I wasn't fully on-board with (but am willing to give the benefit of the doubt) is the setting. While it is based in Gloriana, the same world as Quest for Glory, instead of the more traditional locations visited in that series, your protagonist is a new student at university. With a little luck, the setting won't feel too restrictive, and the characters you meet will be up to their usual standards. I'd suggest something closer to Unseen University than Hogwarts, but we will have to wait and see! Certainly the dungeon below the university, filled with hidden treasures and eldrich horrors, sounds more than promising.

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