Monday, 3 December 2012


My name is Andy, and one of my favourite hobbies is gaming, and on the PC in particular. I've been playing games for a rather long time, ever since my Dad brought a computer home for work in the mid-80s. I owe a lot of my interest in technology, computers and gaming to my Dad, who started me out with games like Math Attack (it's educational!) and Alley Cat.
Alley Cat - picture from Abandonia
 Over the years new computers were bought, and new games to go with them. I became enthralled by them, playing games from Sierra, Origin and so on. King's Quest would introduce me to the graphical adventure game, and Ultima IV to the cRPG. I'd be playing them and their sequels for years, even returning to those favourite old games from time to time. Every generation of games has it's blockbusters and hidden gems, and those that made the biggest impact on me will always be fondly remembered.
Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge

So I guess that brings me to the purpose of this blog, to revisit those old games and try to explain in my own clumsy way what makes them special. My intention is to complete various older games, and throw a few personal challenges into the mix (getting maximum scores for example), but I won't be completely excluding new games. Although I generally play older games these days, there are some new games that grab my attention, and of course these are worth commenting on, and what better place than here? The ongoing Kickstarter revolution will no doubt be something I'll also mention, as I've backed quite a number of projects.

Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero?
 Why start a blog now? My inspiration comes from playing through one classic in particular, "Quest for Glory: So You Want To Be A Hero?" which blended the graphical adventure game and computer role-playing-game in a way I'd never seen before. I had been reading two most excellent blogs cover the game (The Adventure Gamer and The CRPG Addict), and decided to challenge myself to play along with them. Since I had completed the game on more than one occasion already (can't remember the exact number, but lets just say more than five), I gave myself an additional challenge. To read on about that, I suggest you move onwards to the next post!


  1. Hi Andy! Happy to see that you've decided to dedicate your soul to this all consuming hobby.

    I'll pop in from time to time to see what you're up to.

    1. Glad to see you, I hope it's worth reading!

      Just writing comments wasn't enough any more, I felt I needed to write at a bit more length.

  2. I also remember Alley Cat being one of my first games that I played a lot as a kid.. along with Digger